Dr. Robert Esnouf
Head of WHG/BDI Research Computing
University of Oxford

As acting Chair of the Lustre User Group UK (LUG-UK), Dr. Robert Esnouf welcomes attendees to the relaunch of the LUG-UK on 30 November in Manchester. Meet with Lustre developers and socialise with your peers and vendors from across the UK. There will also be a chance to have your say in the future direction of LUG-UK and in shaping its schedule to meet your needs.

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Kerberos Integration with Lustre

Dr. Jon Diprose
Head of WHG/BDI Research Computing
University of Oxford

In this session, Dr. Jon Diprose of WHG/BDI shows how his team has integrated Lustre with Kerberos authentication to support multi-tenancy in large-scale systems, including some of the key challenges and performance tests of client-side encryption.

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Lustre Usage by DiRAC

Alastair Basden
Head of COSMA HPC Service
Durham University

Alastair Basden of Durham University shares his experiences of using Lustre-based storage systems in the memory-intensive DiRAC COSMA project, used for large cosmological simulations.

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Who ate my IOPS?! Identifying heavy hitters using jobstats

James Beal
Principal Systems Administrator
Wellcome Sanger Institute

In this session, James Beal of the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge is joined by Richard Mansfield of DDN, to demonstrate a graphical tool to export Lustre performance metrics to an open source analysis tool.

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Panel: User Perspectives

An extended panel discussion with Dr. Jon Diprose of WHG, Alastair Basden of Durham University, James Beal of Wellcome Sanger Institute, and Richard Mansfield of DDN, to discuss their perspectives of managing large-scale Lustre systems in production with Dr. Robert Esnouf, acting Chair of LUG-UK.

Cambridge-1: An Approach to Dynamic Multitenancy

Simon Traill
Storage Site Reliability Engineer

In this session, Simon Traill shows how the NVIDIA Cambridge-1 system implements to create a dynamic storage platform using Lustre on DDN Exascaler. Cambridge-1 is a Slurm cluster consisting of 80 DGX A100 systems, and supports multiple tenants, each needing isolated compute and isolated storage.

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Community Release Update

Peter Jones
Senior Director of Engineering

Peter Jones of Whamcloud reviews the roadmap for the Lustre community edition, the latest LTS and forthcoming 2.16 release, and highlights contributions from developers across the community.

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Lustre 2.16 and Beyond

Andreas Dilger
Lustre CTO

Andreas Dilger is the Lustre CTO at Whamcloud, and previews forthcoming Lustre releases, including new features such as enhancements to Lustre DNE, metadata writeback cache, and metadata redundancy.

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Panel: Community Development

Join Simon Traill from NVIDIA, Peter Jones and Andreas Dilger from Whamcloud to discuss Lustre community development with Dr. Robert Esnouf, acting Chair of LUG-UK.

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